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7 Poker Secrets Poker Pros Want To Hide From You

7 Poker Secrets Poker Pros Want to Hide from You

If you are already familiar with poker online casino Malaysia, you must know that poker is more than a game of luck and chance. It involves the strategies which can turn the tables towards any side no matter who was winning. Learning poker can be easy, but mastering this art can take years of practice and dedication. There are plenty of secrets which poker pros hide from you as they need to make some money at the newbie poker tables for their dinner. When you know these 15 secrets, you can look forward to play online baccarat Malaysia with the poker pros at tournaments with confidence.


If you want to win at poker, the first thing you need is the discipline of dedicating a fixed number of hours every day into practising the game as well as the remain calm in all situations. Poker can get boring if you are losing, so make sure your brain is ready to take the burden.



Most of the players cannot compete professionally as they lack what it takes to be at the tables and play. It is only a streak of defeats for a player who just assumes that he or she is pro, but a pro will never tell you that you do not have it if they are winning.

Poker math

Poker math is actually pretty easy once you study it. Getting the right knowledge from the pros and books will give you a better chance of winning against a person who only has the knowledge from watching a couple of games.


Losing a big pot may seem like a big deal to the newbies, but it is actually not. There is always risk involved in poker and getting frustrated over the losses will not help in any way. The key is to win money in the long run and not in one game.

Letting go

Letting go of a good hand can be a tough decision. It will lure you into playing, but it is not always a good idea. Sometimes pocket aces need to be folded against a three of a kind in order to save the money for the next hand.


The tilt is the hold that will sink your ship. It will become the reason for your future losses, but it can be avoided if you can learn how to control your emotions. Whether you win or lose, you need to keep your emotions away and play like a pro who knows how to be calm at all conditions.


There is nothing else to learn than controlling your emotions and the words you speak. You stand at the same level as your opponents from the outside. You can win against a pro in poker on the very first day. Everyone has a chance to win, and you just have to find it. This is why poker is loved by people from around the world in 1bet2u.

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