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The holidays are over, but surely there are still nougat and sweet bread unopened in their homes. With the glass full of grappamiel (the Uruguayan version of the mead) we offer the health of all Tolkiendili that roam the world!

We also invite you to visit our Photos section (where we have photos of the last meetings, of the Tolkien Days in Piriápolis and other activities).

We also invite all members of the Society and the users who visit us to send us stories they wish to publish in our Stories section .

In the Articles section you will find varied information and data of interest.

The next meeting of the Tolkien Uruguay Society will be held on Saturday, March 8 . The topic to be discussed will be: “The path of Death: The ghosts, the oath to Isildur and the betrayal . ” “… were summoned again by Aragorn, Heir of Isildur, at midnight on March 8, 3018 of the Third Age …” and because of this we decided to change the meeting schedule for 22 hours and get together at La Taberna del Diablo, so that the 12 toast in honor of chance (and among other things, of course!)

All contributions and related information are welcome. We wait for you !!!

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