Consider Proper Wine Storage When Selecting a Wine Rack

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Okay, I am just going to put it out there. Not everyone can afford to have a cellar for proper wine storage. And even if you can, you may just want an interesting artistic way to display and store a few bottles in your kitchen or dining area. Hence the beauty of the wine rack. A rack not only is the average wine drinkers answer to wine storage, but it is the wine lover’s iconic display of their knowledge of and passion for wine. It makes sense then to consider proper storage when selecting a rack for you home luxury office stools.

I consulted 3 sites Vintage Cellars, Cellar Notes and Reds to Whites. All 3 sites agree that light, temperature, and humidity are the three factors that have the most direct effect on wine preservation. Selecting an area with no vibration was also mentioned as important by all of these sites. But before we look more deeply into these 4 areas I feel it is important to point out what explains about the majority of wines sold in the US today.

“The majority of wine, made or imported into the USA up to the $20.00 price point, is meant to be consumed within a year or two of the release. Some of these wines will get better in a year or two and its fine to keep them around a little longer, but most of the world’s wines (about 90%) are meant to be consumed young.”

That being said, proper storage is still important, but unless you are planning on buying and keeping bottles for 2 or more years, perfect storage conditions may not be as critical.


The problem with light and wine is that light can interact with the wine’s phenolic compounds to create unpleasant characteristics. However, according to Cellar Notes most modern bottles have ultraviolet filters built into the glass that help protect the contents from most of the effects of UV rays. You will still want to keep your wines out of direct sunlight. Therefore, when considering a wine rack style, i.e. table top, wall mount, or furniture think first about a location in your home that is protected from direct sunlight. Maybe the north wall in your dining room stays shaded, or the counter top in your kitchen gets the least direct sunlight. A shaded spot in the study is also a great place to consider putting your wine rack.


According to all 3 sites 55 degrees is the ultimate temperature for storing wines. However, without a cellar that is difficult to accomplish. But remember, most wines sold in the US are not meant to be stored for longer periods of time, but to be opened while still young. does say that storing wines in your home is acceptable. Keeping the temperatures of your wines constant is key. Temperature fluctuations can be damaging, so although you may not have it at 55 degrees, a constant temperature is helpful.


The importance of humidity is related to keeping the cork moist and if you are not storing your bottles for the long term, then keeping them on their side will help keep the corks moist until you open them.


“Regular or constant vibrations from pumps, motors or generators should be avoided since the vibrations they cause are thought to negatively affect the evolution of the wines.”

So do not place your rack on top of anything that vibrates such as your refrigerator or dryer.

And one final note that all sites also mention. Do not store your bottles in areas where strong odors exist. Your wine may pick up the odors in their flavors. Yuck who wants a wine that tastes of car gas fumes?
A quick recap of things to consider before you purchase your wine rack.

Select a space that is shaded from direct sunlight, the darker the better.
The area should have no vibration.
Be sure not to choose a location that would put your wine around strong odors.
And lastly select an area where temperatures will stay more consistent (not the garage if it is not temperature controlled.)

Once you have chosen the best locations for a wine rack in your home then you can select your rack and fill it up with your favorite bottles to store, display and enjoy. Keep in mind one last point. If you are storing wines that use cork closures, then you want to select a rack that will have the bottles on their sides or upside down to keep the cork moist.

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